Measure atomic-scale or nano-scale features or defects, film thicknesses and measure elemental chemistry at specific points, by line profiling or by XY mapping TEM and STEM are high spatial resolution electron microscopy techniques whereby a beam of electrons is transmitted through an ultra-thin specimen, interacting with the specimen as it passes through.

An image is formed from the interaction of the electrons transmitted through the specimen; the image is magnified and focused onto an imaging device, such as a fluorescent screen, on a layer of photographic film, or to be detected by a sensor such as a CCD camera.

Carl Zeiss Libra 200MC STEM



  • Point: 0.24 nm (high-res)
  • Information limit: 0.14 nm (HR)
  • STEM resolution: 0.30 nm (HR)
  • Energy resolution: = 0.2 eV
  • 0.29 nm (high-tilt)
  • 0.19 nm (HT)
  • 0.45 nm (HT)

Tilt range:

  • a/ß ±30°/±30° (HR)
  • a/ß ±70°/±30° (HT)

Corrected omega filter:

Dispersion: 1.85 µm/eV @ 200 kV

Distortion: 100 mrad@ E = 10 eV slit width and 200 kV

> 150 mrad @ E = 20 eV slit width and 200 kV

Non-isochromaticity: < 0.5 eV over Ø 2.5 µm field-of-view


STEM: 2,000x - 5,000,000x

EELS: 20x - 315x (spectrum magnification)


Acceleration voltage

40-120kV in 20kV steps (10kVsteps, optional)

Illumination system

Highly flexible advanced Koehler illumination system


Truly symmetrical condenser-Objective type

Resolution: point-point 0.34 nm

Information limit 0.20 nm

STEM 1.50 nm (with LaB6)

Specimen stage

Lifetime factory aligned in-column OMEGA type Dispersion: 1.17 m/eV @ 120kV Energy resolution:

Imaging System

5-axes fully eucentric goniometer Tilt range α/β: ±75° / ±30°


Magnification zoom for imaging, diffraction and spectroscopy with 5 projector lenses and OMEGA spectrometer.

Modes of operation

TEM: 8 - 630,000x STEM: 50 - 1,000,000x EELS: 20 - 315x

Voltage system

EFTEM: Global and elastic BF/DF/Low Dose

(elemental and structure sensitive contrast)

Analysis: EELS, ESI, Image EELS, Spectrum Imaging, EDS

Diffraction: Global and elastic SAED, CBED, LACBED, micro-ED


Vacuum System

Completely oil-free with integrated cold-trap

Pre-vacuum scroll pump with buffer reservoir

Split-flow TMP for viewing chamber, filter, specimen and emitter

Differential system with gun separation valve and IGP for emitter area (optional)

Contamination minimized system with second TMP for viewing chamber and filter (optional)

System control

WinTEMTM Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Windows®XP, operated by mouse, keyboard and dedicated control panels.